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Whereas Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd carries on the business of a private employment office as defined in the Guidance and Placement Act of No. 62 of 1981, as well as various other services for commerce and industry: The terms and conditions relating to the various services carried out by Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd are set out hereunder.

  1.  Definitions

1.1   “Client” shall mean, for the purposes of these terms and conditions the “Employer” in terms of the Guidance and Placement Act No 62 of 1981.

1.2   “Applicant” shall mean, for the purposes of these terms and conditions, the “Work seeker” as defined in the Guidance and Placement Act no 62 of 1981.

2      Permanent Placements

2.1   No placement fee is charged by Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd to the client until the Client actually employs a successful applicant verbally or in writing.  The fee in respect of such permanent placement is payable by the Client to Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd in respect of the annual salary package of the Applicant calculated in accordance with the Total Cost to Company package which the Applicant can reasonably anticipate earning on such a permanent placement.




Up to R120 000 pea


90 days

From R120 001 p.a


90 days

From R360 001 p.a


90 days

These fees shall prevail unless otherwise arranged in writing by DM Wollnik, our Director.


2.2   Should any applicant tender his/her resignation or be given notice of dismissal for any reason except redundancy, death, job misrepresentation or unfair labor practice within the guarantee period stipulated in 2.1 then provided such fee is paid within 7 days of the invoice (the applicant’s starting date) Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd will:

ü  Replace on the position (maintaining at least two weeks exclusively on the order to do so) or

ü  Pass a Credit note on your account

ü  In the event of any of the above circumstance, please note that 20% of the fee will be retained for an administration fee.

2.3   In the event of any Applicant being interviewed/offered, and accepting any work from the Client within a period of 12  (twelve) months of being introduced to the Client, Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd shall be entitled to charge an introduction fee calculated as per 2.1.  Work in this sense is defined as work of any nature whether permanent or temporary, direct or indirect.  This includes Parent, Associate or Subsidiary Companies.

2.4   All advertising charges incurred in the attraction of suitable Applicants are borne by Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd unless alternative arrangements are agreed upon by the client.  Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to select the appropriate advertising media and to prepare the relevant advertising copy.

2.5   Any documentation prepared by Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd remains its exclusive property and any information relating to any Applicant is to remain confidential and is not to be passed on to any third party except with the express approval of Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd on the conclusion of each mandate.

2.6   In the event of the Client forwarding details of the applicant to any associate Company or third party, who in turn employs the Applicant, then the Client shall be liable for a placement fee as calculated in 2.1 as if the Client himself employed the Applicant.

2.7   Many Applicants respond to Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd advertisements in confidence.  No details of Applicants may be provided to clients without the Applicant’s express permission.  All Applicants are assured that their personal details shall remain confidential and that no references shall be taken up without their prior consent.  Clients shall therefore also be bound by this commitment.

2.8   Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd takes every care to ensure that information provided by Applicants and Referees is accurate.  However, Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd has to rely on the good faith of Applicants and Referees and cannot accept responsibility for any information or representation concerning potential employees to whom the Client might be introduced.


Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd does not give any guarantee that a potential employee is or shall be available, or shall be able to fulfill his/her responsibilities within the Client’s organization.


In addition, Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses, including the loss of revenue, anticipated profit, and claims by third parties that might arise from such appointment.


3      General Conditions applicable to all instances of Service

3.1   The terms and conditions contained herein shall be deemed to be exclusive and applicable to each and every contract entered into between the parties hereto.  Any variation hereof shall not be binding unless reduced to writing by DM Wollnik.

3.2   The parties hereto consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court, notwithstanding the fact that the amount may be in excess of the Magistrates Court’s jurisdiction.

3.3   The address as stated on the invoice will be deemed to be domicillium citandi et executandi of the Client, and any letter, notice or process shall be validly served if sent to such domicillium.


Company Name:_______________________________________


Authorised Person/s:___________________________________


Authorised Signature:___________________________________






Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd bears all of the costs related to candidate sourcing, reference checks, background checks, and advertising. 

To pursue business we need to receive the signed copy of our Terms and Conditions returned to us by email within 5 working days from date hereof.  Should we not receive the signed Terms and Conditions from your company, and any staff appointments are forthcoming, we will automatically assume that you found the Terms and Conditions acceptable.





Toby Fayoyin 



 Toby has acquired over six years’ experience locally and internationally in the area of communications, research/reporting, and event coordination. He has a concrete understanding of governance, international affairs, and international development.

  • Skilled and experienced in branding, marketing, communication, advocacy, youth mobilization and networking for social development.
  • Experienced in creative, journalistic and academic writing.
  • Proficient in copyediting and proofreading of academic and journalistic material.

 He seeks a similar position where he can utilize his skills to the benefit of your organization.  Toby operates in an empathetic and supportive manner.  His quadrant is cautious/relations, and he goes to great lengths to build/salvage relationships. Toby is concerned with individuals interests, feelings, comfortable relationships, and tasks.

He seeks consensus before making up his mind and is able to adapt his behavior to short-term projects and thrives in diverse environments.  He is not one to step on other's toes, offer strong opinions nr does he see to be in the limelight...


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Thank you for affording Wollnik Staffing Solutions (Pty) Ltd the opportunity to introduce our organization to you.   We hope to discuss your recruitment requirements in the not too distant future.  As a valued prospective client, we wish to emphasize the importance of gaining one another’s trust and working towards building a strong and mutually beneficial business relationship.  

Please do not hesitate to contact Deborah Wollnik. our Director at 011 791 3804 , or email your vacancy description to  [email protected]